Using Google Spreadsheets: Caseload Management

As my caseload grows, people frequently ask how many students I see each week. For a while I would just shrug and say, "alot." I knew it was time to get organized and store my information in a way that I could easily access. The solution: Google Sheets.

I've never been afraid of using Excel. My dad, a wonderful engineer, uses excel for everything - budgeting included. I like Excel, but I love how I can access Google spreadsheets from my computer, iPad, and phone. 

Caseload Management
I keep track of my caseload using Google spreadsheets. Here's what I do.

Fill in each student's information in the appropriate column.

This is just one way to organize your caseload. I love how I can share this document with administrators and teachers so they know how many students I actually work with. I am also able to access this information from home, which is very helpful.

For a copy of this spreadsheet, you can click HERE. Don't forget to change the formula next to CaseManage to include your name instead of mine. 

I hope this information helps you get organized and ready for fall.

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