Therasimplicity Review

I am excited to review my first "product" on my blog. This product is one that I have used since grad school and I use it every week in therapy now.

TheraSimplicity is a site that has many ready-made materials for SLPs. When I was in grad school, we had free access to these materials through our university partnership with the company. I have been using TheraSimplicity for about 3 years now within my practice and I'm still discovering activities I haven't seen before.

Some of the features of Therasimplicity that I love are the variety of photo images, colored clipart, and black and white drawings. These are great and readily accessible to be used with your students quickly. Therasimplicity's features also allow you to select images and it will create worksheets, slide shows, board games, and decks for you.

The website has materials for almost every person on your caseload including cognition, swallowing, speech, and language. There are ready made worksheets, parent handouts, diagrams, and more.

I find the site to be user friendly and full of useful materials. There are also video tutorials on how to use your subscription.

Some of my favorite and frequently used materials are for my articulation students. There are lots of worksheets, coloring pages, and activities that are a click and print away from your finger tips. My favorite is the "Sound Detective" series which has color and black and white printouts with pictures of target words hidden within a larger picture.

I could go on and on about the materials TheraSimplicity has to offer, but why not explore them yourself? TheraSimplicity offers a "Try Me" feature that allows you to explore all aspects of the website. You will be able to preview all the materials with a watermark on them. With all the materials offered, a yearly subscription of $49 is money well spent.

Note: Photographs are screenshots of the actual TheraSimplicity website and belong to TheraSimplicity. I do not receive any sort of compensation from TheraSimplicity, I simply love the product.

I will try...

I'm linking up with The Frenzied SLPs hosted by All Ya'll Need for a 2016 link up. While many people love the concept of resolutions, I love this idea of "I'll try," since I haven't been very faithful with fulfilling resolutions in the past. While Yoda says, "Do or do not. There is no try," I heartily disagree. How often have I told my students, "I'm so happy with that try." In therapy, it's not about perfection, but helping my students try their best and make progress even if it is so very slight. Perfection is too high a standard, plus only Jesus was able to obtain a perfect life. 

Before I go on ranting, here is my Try for 2016.

I, Caroline, promise to try to sanitize my work space and put away therapy materials each day.

I hate to say that I have not been very good at this. I know many teachers have their class clean at the end of the day, however, I can't bring myself to sacrifice the last few minutes of a therapy session to make students clean up my mess. Therefore, my lofty goal is to put away everything each day and at least wipe down the main work spaces. This, along with my Airborne gummies should help me lead a healthier and less stressful spring. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Lord, Be My Guide

Welcome to 2016! This morning, I am sitting on my couch watching the sunrise and savoring a delicious cup of hazelnut coffee. I would love to say that my cat is beside me cuddling, but instead he keeps interrupting my writing by meowing and jumping on the counter-tops, forcing me to spring off the couch and chase him onto the floor.

Last night, I slept right through the new year and it was fabulous. Many bloggers post this time of year with their resolutions or goals. Growing up, my mom taught me a different approach. Each year she chooses a Bible passage to lead her and cling to during the year. This year, I have chosen Psalm 25:5 to be my "motto."

May the Lord bless you, keep you, and guide your year.