Planning for Fall

Summer is for relaxing, or so I'm told. I have been on an organization kick. Now that I am staying at the same school, I'm finally able to create a system that works for me. Over the past week, my latest project has been creating my very own planner. While many teachers love specialty planners, I found that the ones I wanted were out of my budget and not completely applicable to speech/language therapy. With all my free time and my clipart collection, I decided to create my own.

Ta Da! I managed to create something that I love. Printing it and having it spiral bound at Kinkos cost me under $30. The spiral binding came with a frosted plastic cover and back. So what's inside?

First off, I am very proud of the cover and think that I will love it all year round. To make the cover and back sturdier, I splurged for card stock and full color printing on those pages.

My favorite part of this planner is a weekly Bible verse from the book of Psalms to help focus the week on what is truly important. Beginning the week off with a reminder of God's love is a great way to start.

I created this planner to be as budget-conscious as possible. The majority of pages are black/white and gray scale to help you save money when printing. I'm planning to add editable covers when I post this as a product to TPT.

Each month has a 2 page spread with spots for writing down report due dates and tasks for the month.
Every month has an attendance sheet that I use. A FREE version of my 2015-2016 editable attendance sheet can be found at my TPT store HERE.

 Inside I created 11 fun note pages (example below). I can't wait to add notes or maybe just fill them with doodles.

Attendance on left                                                                             Notes page on left
The weekly layout has Plenty of room to lesson plan for each day. Each week has its own 2-page spread, complete with room for planning those back-to-back sessions. There's also a handy dandy checklist for each week so I don't forget anything. I see groups back-to-back and often have to plan for 15 or so sessions a day. Having the bi-color days helps me to differentiate the groups. I also love the to do list for the week on the same page. The Psalm for the week below says, "My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him" ~Psalm 62:1.

Inside my planner is a section unique for special educators. Finally a place to put all IEP due dates. There are also pages for referrals, screenings, evaluations, and RTI logs. 

Inside you will find a page to store important information such as passwords, websites, emails, or whatever you want.

I'm in the process of laminating binder tabs to make finding the months and important pages a tab (tad) bit easier. 

Everyone has specific ways they like their information set up, but here is the way that I will be keeping organized this year. If you love this planner and want your own copy, you can find it HERE at my TPT store.

I have also created some stickers to quickly add to the planner. They can be printed on return address labels and are color coded for IEPs, evaluation planning meetings, evaluation results meetings, and conferences. Find them HERE at my TPT store. Maybe if I become motivated, I'll make more stickers. What other stickers would you like to see?


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