I will try...

I'm linking up with The Frenzied SLPs hosted by All Ya'll Need for a 2016 link up. While many people love the concept of resolutions, I love this idea of "I'll try," since I haven't been very faithful with fulfilling resolutions in the past. While Yoda says, "Do or do not. There is no try," I heartily disagree. How often have I told my students, "I'm so happy with that try." In therapy, it's not about perfection, but helping my students try their best and make progress even if it is so very slight. Perfection is too high a standard, plus only Jesus was able to obtain a perfect life. 

Before I go on ranting, here is my Try for 2016.

I, Caroline, promise to try to sanitize my work space and put away therapy materials each day.

I hate to say that I have not been very good at this. I know many teachers have their class clean at the end of the day, however, I can't bring myself to sacrifice the last few minutes of a therapy session to make students clean up my mess. Therefore, my lofty goal is to put away everything each day and at least wipe down the main work spaces. This, along with my Airborne gummies should help me lead a healthier and less stressful spring. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. I have to admit: I don't do real well with wiping things down, either. It does help with keeping away those germs, though! :)

  2. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar/water and paper towels in my top drawer. I love a good wipe down of that grimy table. Usually I'm doing it before my reports and billing are done, but it feels good!

  3. Simple, yet can make a huge difference in the way you feel the next day walking into a nice, clean, and tidy office!

  4. I do straighten up and will have to work on sanitizing!

  5. I have a few kids that are highly motivated by an antibacterial wipe! That helps a lot! You can do it. Just keep your supplies handy! Happy New Year!

  6. Oh yes, clean is good! You will probably feel nice and fresh and accomplished when you leave at the end of the day!