Structured Conversation

The speech and language classroom is a great place to practice students’ IEP goals, but so many times that is the only place in which they successfully meet their IEP goals. As speech language pathologists know well, mastering goals in the general education setting is the first step towards generalization.

So many times I find it tricky for a student who is working on articulation to move from reading passages to conversation. That is because I have difficulty finding stimuli that focuses on their speech sound. One of my favorite games to play with my students who are working towards correct articulation in conversation is “Would you rather.” This game is surprisingly difficult! Students often are considering their options at the same they are speaking, which makes it harder to remember to use the correct articulation - mimics unstructured conversation. The issue I have found is that I can’t seem to just make up “would you rather…” questions on the spot. So, I created small cards that give the question for us. This game has led to many laughs, confusion, and great carryover practice for my artic kiddos!

So far, I have managed to create would you rather questions for r, r-blends, l, l-blends, s, s-blends, and SH/CH. All questions are appropriate for kids. I print my cards on colored card stock in black and white to save money, however, the cards can be printed in full color.

You can find my Would You Rather cards on my TPT site HERE.

Which other sounds would you like to see made for this game?

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